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Blood Moon 2018 world witness rare lunar eclipse.

The total eclipse lasted 1 hour and 43 minutes, with the entire event lasting closer to four hours.

What caused the ‘red moon’?

A total lunar eclipse happens when Earth takes position in a straight line between the moon and sun, blotting out the direct sunlight that normally makes our satellite glow whitish-yellow.

The moon travels to a similar position every month, but the tilt of its orbit means it normally passes above or below the Earth’s shadow – so most months we have a full moon without an eclipse.

What makes this event special is the unusually large and bright position of Mars, a mere 57.7 million kilometres (35.9 million miles) from Earth on its elliptical orbit around the sun.

“We have a rare and interesting conjunction of phenomena,” Pascal Descamps, an astronomer with the Paris Observatory, told reporters.

When the three celestial bodies are perfectly lined up, the Earth’s atmosphere scatters blue light from the sun while refracting or bending red light onto the moon, usually giving it a rosy blush.

This is what gives the phenomenon the name “blood moon”.


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<span class="flag-icon flag-icon-ca"></span>Candida
Candida(Points 1719)

this sure was amazing…. <3 good info, thx!

<span class="flag-icon flag-icon-um"></span>Dylan
Dylan(Points 302)

Here come all the lunatic evangelical people claiming this brings us closer to the end of the world. Look, it might be the end of… Read more »

<span class="flag-icon flag-icon-um"></span>RealRobb
RealRobb(Points 139)

Bible says God made the sun moon and stars as signs. Not like zodiac signs but more as warnings on what’s to come