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LR's Frequently Asked Questions


What are the rules for uploading on LeakedReality & 

These are the certain criteria's an upload must meet:

1). We allow graphic content (with some limitations) to help people raise awareness about these issues. Glorification of graphic violence or graphic content with insufficient information is NOT allowed.

2). You may not upload media content that violates copyright laws.

3). You may not upload content showing your criminal activity.
4). You may not upload media content has animal cruelty, sexual assaults, any type of pornography, promoting terrorism, hate, vandalism, or threatening or flaming a person, DOXING etc.

5). You may not spam or advertise on leakedreality.com 

6). You may not promote or encourage suicide or self-harm 

7). You may not upload content showing a logo or watermark from an another video site. 

8). You may not use our service for any unlawful purpose or in furtherance of illegal activities. This includes selling, buying, or facilitating transactions in illegal goods or services, as well as certain types of regulated goods or services. NOT allowed.

9). Promoting channels or asking users to subscribe to your channel might get your videos blocked from featured section or even displayed on latest section.

10). Do NOT ask for donations. LR depends on donations, If you found doing so, you will get banned instantly.

Keep in mind that this isn't a complete list.

We reserve full right to terminate your account if you do not abide by the rules

What are the rules for commenting on LeakedReality & LeakReality.com
We are aware that the nature of the site can sometimes lead to heated discussion. In order to avoid any conflict between our users, we have conducted some rules that everyone must obey.

1. Flaming. Flaming or directly insulting fellow members will not be tolerated.

2. Freedom of speech. We're 100% supporting the freedom of an individual to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction.
We do not censor our comments, 'However', we absolutely dis-encourage anyone from using racial slurs on leakedreality.com, we are not trying to tell you how to think.
We are merely asking you voice your opinions within your common sense.

3. Private information. The posting of private information is forbidden. Any member found sharing another members personal information on this site (Full name, phone number, address, e.t.c.) runs the risk of being banned. Even if this information is freely available elsewhere on the internet members will not bring it into leakedreality.com nor link to it.

4. Trolling. Deliberately making post after post with the sole intent of disrupting the site will result in your account, and possibly any future accounts, being banned without warning

5. Spamming. Advertising (without the prior agreement of Leakedreality.com), making the same comments over and over, or the continuous use of pointless single character posts and the like will be treated as spam.

6.  Profanity filter. NONE, if your feelings are hurt, you are on the wrong site!

7  Abusive, rude or unreasonable behavior towards staff members - uploaders.

8.  Posting of private messages. Private messages are not intended for public consumption. Please keep them between yourselves.

9. If we detect a user profile pretending to be someone (particularly a young woman), and starts to interreact with the community members, we keep right to block that account until user sends a video proof to us - image, driver license other stuff wont be good enough. And no you can't hire someone to say what you want us to hear, we will find out almost immediately.

We reserve the right to remove comments without warning or notice. Terms and conditions apply!