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Cockknocker LR User
cute parroting skills you have.

Let's start with the uneducated part, the left thinks there are many genders🥴
You support & voted for the candidate that has had direct ties to the kkk for years through his good pal robert byrd. Byrd can't help biden with the so called huge racist problem but he did give a heart felt eulogy at byrd's funeral. Yet this guy is going to fix it🥴 hell, even kamala called him out on his racism during the primaries, funny how she doesn't say a peep about it after becoming his running mate🥴 didn't joy behar wear blackface? Didn't they call Tim Scott uncle tim? Wouldn't that make them racist? Love that you proudly display your double standard & ignorance.

They want to make Washington a state, packing the Supreme Court & want to abolish the filibuster which are steps towards a 1 party rule/dictatorship. Next they will be calling to abolish the electoral college.

Wear your mask to save lives while biden campaigned on open borders then invit...
GB Level 1 Veteran
Go fock yerself ya blood diluted mutt! 
Go and fock yer cousin at your trailer park trash ya cockroache of society