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krichek Level 2 Supporter
I may disagree with you on the rape video, but I will not block/censor/fight with you.  I have a spouse who suffered from sex abuse, and after 28 years of marriage and long discussions, I just don't have it in me to argue about it any more.  As my history shows, I am anything but liberal, but I just cannot accept sex abuse and say "no censorship".  That said, after a year here I respect your opinion and will not flame/belittle you for your opinion.  I'm not even pissed you called me a liberal, but at the end of the day at least you stood up for your belief in "no-censorship".  That said, I never saw your upload of some black woman getting raped...I would still feel the same way based on my own history.  Just not something I want to see.  I'm not for banning anyone, but I just don't want to see that kind of thing.  I am happy to take this to DM, but I didn't see any option for that (yeah I'm old and not exactly the most tech-savvy).  I respect your opinion, I respecfully disagree, but that does not mean anything beyond our disagreement.  I still agree with 95% (ok a made up percentage) of your posts.  I just can't square my wife's experiences with a woman crying while being gang-raped by 5-6 men.
US LR User
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