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Swyzr Level 3 Legend
Hey buddy -
US Level 3 Legend
Hello, we don't really know each other, but I remember you from LL. You are a legend there. You always struck me as a very reasonable and mellow dude. I was away from LR for a number of months because I had to reinvent myself after losing my job due to my state's Draconian shutdown. It has destroyed many businesses here in Illinois. I ended up starting my own landscaping business (been wanting to anyway), but it has taken so much of my time that I simply had no time for the things I enjoy (like fishing, hunting, drinking, chess on chess.com, LR, etc.). Business has been very good and I was able to hire a couple guys to help out. Now I have free time once again, so I came back. I was pleased to see you made it over in that time and I'm glad to make your acquaintance. Cheers!
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Monday 09:05 am
Passed the last doc visit.
mrsa-test yesterday was okay.
Pack my stuff and go home now.

GB Level 1 Veteran
Has your clay thrower turned up?  Have you blasted it with some 20G or .410 yet?
US Level 2 Veteran
Rickbond, da' man! Thank you brother for the sub, back at ya"!
IE LR User
Happy days Mr.Bond.
Radbod Level 4 Mod
1722hours ( 05:22 pm ) here
Update, misusing your page as a market place ( via wall notifications hopefully ) :
Surgery was this morning, lasted only 30 minutes, all went good !
Thanks to all the good fellas who wished me well, you all are good people, yes you are !

BTW : Miss your blog section on your LL-page, Rick, that was a cool tool to be informed about what happened.
lostmic LR User
Thanks for the sub mate subbed u back :D
Texarkana LR User
Hope you feel better soon, bud....and by all means grab the nurse's ass and blame it on anesthesia :)
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Update :
In hospital since 11:00 am ( 02:42 now ).
Single bed isolation room but with W-lan ...YAY !! 
Surgery is coming Thursday.
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