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GB Level 1 Veteran
Hi Rick I have a cooking question for you if you don't mind.......What would you call this? A teaspoon of cornstarch ? A heaped teaspoon, seriously overloaded maybe? Just asking for a friend;)
BloodBathBeyond Level 3 Supporter
Had a new garage door installed last week. It isn't much to look at but it works way better than the old door did. And, it's insulated.
GB Level 1 Veteran
I've just read that what we here call cornflour is actually known as cornstarch in the USA. It's all arse about face and quite complicated. So if you do the velvet chicken its the white cornstarch you should be using not the yellow stuff
Hope that makes sense.
Travis1991 LR User
Hey Rick, hope you are keeping well!
CA Level 1
Be careful of that pink sheeeit on your property.
AU Level 1
Camel face Harrisses daughter and her new boyfriend. Barf bag required
Radbod Level 4 Mod
US Level 2 Legend
Two guys lost in the woods.

Two hunters are lost in the woods and looking for a way back to town. As they wander through the forest they come upon train tracks. It's decided that one would follow it south, the other would follow north. If neither found civilization after five miles, they would turn around and meet back up.
After several hours, the hunter traveling north has no luck, and turns back to meet up with his friend. Five miles later, still no friend. He decides to keep going. After another two miles, he finally finds him.
"Where have you been? Did you find anything?"
"Well sorta." The second hunter replies, " I found this naked woman tied to the train tracks. I untied her, one thing led to another, and we had mad passionate sex for nearly an hour."
"Wow." Says the first hunter. "Was she really good looking?"
"Dunno. Never found the head."
US Level 3 Veteran
If you really, really, really like George Carlin (as I do)
and you want to know his roots and what makes him tick:

PsychiatricCare LR User
You Cant Hide from ME !!!!!!

Glad yah made out ok During Hurricane Ida

Don't forget my 10 Bucks !!!
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