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Radbod Level 4 Mod
" They have just told him that he is an EastFrisian "..............😎😁👍
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Good morning !
Two points about the tea parcel :
1.) I forgot during our chat yesterday that I am going to the hospital tomorrow, surgery is on Thursday, so we have to                 postpone the whole action for a week or two.
2.) And I forgot about Brexit, so I have to check customs conditons/rules first !
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Got everything in my e-mail box !!!
Thanks SP !
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Funny story about the importnce of tea for us EastFrisians :
My parents did not travel very much during vaccation.
We had a self made little wooden hut on a lake nearby with a boat moored, so we spent all weekends and holidays there (great childhood there with the freedom for a little boy to play outdoors all day long )
But one winter we made vaccations in Bavaria for a fortnight when I was ca 12 yo.
LOL...so my mother packed next to the usual things Thiele Tee, a pack of sugar rocks and her ENTIRE equipment for tea.
We stayed in a guesthouse with breakfast included but Mom insisted (nicely of course) to  make our own tea in their kitchen.
Now, we drink tea very strong and black, so when she prepared it the first morning the bavarian kitchen people watched her and tried to stop her :"  Ma´m that´s far too much tea leaves, you will kill your husband and the boy "
LMAO...they could not believe we survived that all day long...
bananaclub LR User
Wait are you the real SpellingPolice?
US Level 3 Veteran
Now you've gone and done it!
I've been thinking about skeet shooting for quite a while.  Well your shotgun video gave me a nudge.  Yesterday I bought a target thrower and some clays.  Should get here next week hopefully.  I'll see how the 20 gauge works out with that but a single-shot isn't going to be satisfactory for long.  I'll likely get a much better gun.  Any recommendations?
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Rainy days in North Europe.....😎😁.....
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Saw on Del´s page you have a new fella : the cat.
I think she has a home with an owner, cause she looks too well fed for a stray cat.
Also the fur shows me from a distance that she is worm free which would not be if she was "wild".
I watched a docu about German veterinarians who placed gps on several owner´s cat to track their daily movements.
Result was that the cats run enormous distances day by day.
This screenshot shows one of them.
It´s only one cat each day has a different colour.
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Good afternoon SP !
Is Bert Trautmann still known in the UK ?
I just made this upload about him.
What a man !!!!
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Brits being British.
Or : An Englishman not in New York....
This British businessman lives in Germany for a few decades already but keeps a "LittleBritain" in his back yard.
He bought a tank from Morlock motors, a scrap yard company which restores old military vehicles.
In this reel he has got problems with German officials, needs to make the tank movable but he does not want to use the heavy original engine.
Just skip through it, some conversation is in English with Germans subtitles, pretty funny.

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