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DA Hummel clears DCSO deputy in Alfalfa area shooting of fugitive


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1453   10 months ago
ThisIsButter | 443 subscribers
1453   10 months ago
Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel announced his decision Friday on a fugitive's shooting by a Deschutes County sheriff's deputy last month, saying the act was justified under state law.

On Dec. 16, DCSO Deputy Mike Mangin shot 47-year -old Steven Eugene Newburg, a Bend resident who was wanted on a Washington state warrant, and the subject of an Alfalfa-area manhunt and public alert to residents in the area of Deer Lane the previous day.

Hummel said Newburg, wanted on a Washington state warrant, pulled a knife after being spotted and run down by DCSO deputies Mike Mangin and Clint Baltzor on BLM land west of Bend Road.

Hummel added that shot Newburg to protect his life, and the act is therefore authorized by Oregon's self-defense law.

Newburg has fully recovered from his bullet wound to the left shoulder.

“The best news about this incident is that Steven Newburg made a full recovery from the relatively minor injury he sustained from a bullet wound, and no officers were injured," Hummel said in a statement.

"The restraint and compassion shown by the involved officers and deputies was striking and commendable,” he added.
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Bend used to be so nice until the tweekers moved in!


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