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Shirtless New York Supreme Court judge seen on video shoving cop!

4945   11 days ago
EradicateLibs | 36 subscribers
4945   11 days ago
Video of State Supreme Court Justice Mark Grisanti pushing a police officer who is attempting to cuff his wife. Grisanti was not arrested.
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Of course he is not arrested. Chief will be over later dropping off his wife personally, with profuse apologies. The cop will be re-assigned to a crossing guard duty.
That muther fucker thinks he's above the law fucking cunt.
Political party Democratic (before 2011)
Republican (2011-present)

So this shitbag switched sides and is now a democrat plant and RHINO
This guy gets in a lot of fights for a politician/judge.  Video of him fighting at a Casino around 2012, but it's on JewTube.
Man, if they arrested everyone yelling at cops they would have full jails. Why not arrest the SJW 'peaceful protesters?
Bitch is mad
cop overstepped his boundaries.  Job of a cop is to be impartial and uphold/enforce the law.  He made it personal and about himself.   He should be removed from force and banned from having similar jobs.  I hope she sues the city, state and that cop in civil suit
Fucking uppity niggers.
Errrrr,...you can be arrested for just yelling things in your own front yard? Did I miss something??
this guy is a nutcase... https://lawandcrime.com/crazy/shirtless-new-york-justice-was-caught-on-video-shoving-and-threatening-a-police-officer-but-he-was-never-charged/
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