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An interview with an African BBQ victim, for real,

7609   11 days ago
Convictus | 36 subscribers
7609   11 days ago
An interview with an African BBQ victim,
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such a savage shithole, and then they come up to west and marry your fat white wimmen , LOL
Maybe blacks would be better at policing their own communities.... I'd certainly donate my used tires for the cause.
...You could defund this whole police department by withholding their $12 a year budget...
Dear wumba dumbatumba,

I watched your video today on leaked reality. I really thought they were going to burn you alive. I was getting kind of impatient so I skipped ahead in the video, then to the part where you were asking them to have mercy on you, and they did. It touched me, so I am sending you this XXL frozen burrito. Be sure to reheat it slowly or you will get a popsicle surrounded by lava. I wouldn't want to see you burned.

Necklacing,... you're doing it wrong...  
I bet that guy was happy to be arrested, those were tears of joy.
He's a lucky nigger the nigger cops came along, they'll probably shoot him which is a damn sight better than being burned alive
tell us yo storiih muh nigger
pretty sad if you ask me :/
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