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YouTube bans Conspiracy content

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8981   7 days ago
YouTube bans Conspiracy content.

YouTube on Thursday said it would ban content from QAnon and pizzagate conspiracy theories linked to violence "immediately," after crackdowns by other social media companies on against such content.
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The jew cenorship pantheon is unconstrained and without limit in scope. Everyone needs to understand how jew controlled the media and internet are. It's essential to understanding what has gone wrong in our nation, and why all these bizarre things are going on now. These two links indisputably prove it.

Jew controlled media.

Jew controlled internet

...Jews love playing games with censorship...
YouTube bans Conspiracy content?

Then they need to ban themselves in the first place!
Well, that was a disingenuous representation of both topics.

Q is an information backchannel that encourages people to research for themselves and doesn't encourage violence at all.

Pizzagate or Pedogate is a rabbit hole neatly covered over by the lone gunman who fired a round into the DC Pizza restaurant's web server. Pedo blackmailing and brownstoning have been methods of control by the rich for a long time, especially in DC.


So if you want to know why governments are corrupt, look at what controls them. If Q is trying to expose this system, is that a bad thing?
just look for your favorite shows on rumble, bitchute etc.

something big is coming.

they want to control shit just like they ignored the biden corruption this week.

i lost 7 regularly watched shows yesterday on the downstairs tv  in one fell swoop. they shut twitter down for 2 hours yesterday worldwide.

we can expect something big is coming.

we are living among some of the slimiest creatures to ever walk upon this planet.
Let me guess... White genocide, jew oligarchy, and black criminality are all "conspiracy theories" and anything said oligarchs support is 100.0000000000% proven?
I just deleted my FB account. 30 days, that jewish mother fucker hold your data hostage before elimination.

Why on earth would I continue to use a service that makes one man filthy rich off of my life?
How convenient....how very convenient.
Jut the deep state globalist (and dems) doing whatever they can to keep the truth hidden.
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