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Ice Cube Defends Trump Meeting

7589   13 days ago
AmericanDad | 102 subscribers
7589   13 days ago
Ice Cube Defends Trump Meeting
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Every president has had a specific group of people they helped out. Obama's was the LGBTQ community.
The only man to ever make a living from flexing his nostrils.
Democrats has done nothing for African Americans including Obama.
"Black America"... what about "White America", you Melanites? Do you like that?
The moral of story. Trust God ,your family and yourself.
Duck dynasty cube.
People criticizing Ice Cube for this have a real bad case of Trump derangement syndrome.
NWA (Niggas With Attitude). The problem is the attitude. Lose the attitude, learn how to form relationships. Put the guns down reach for books instead. Problem solved.
wy doset this coon donate his money to other coons. the problem is black culture. not whiey
I can't watch this shit!
Listen up American Negros, we have a Constitution......use it and don't try to make your case with some cop on the side of the road. Simple......
I agree 100% with what MrCat said.
Fuck off nig nog.
Look at where Democrats are in power for decades, the cities the states. It does NOT help the black communities, only hurts them. Some of these places has had Democrat control for over 60yrs. Cube is exactly right, forget your feeling hes spittin facts
I aint goan do dat.
Why do people automatically assume every black person is Democrat 🤷🏾‍♂️
Yeah.  I'm not gonna vote the other way.
ice lube built an "acting" career off a grimace...also fake "gangsta " rapper.....

his opinion means absolutely nothing to me.....
it doesn't matter if he's in Trump's camp or not,
it's just more narcissistic, self-interest behavior by black people (leeches),
they still want shit handed to them, & Cube is on Trump's side solely because Trump has a plan to give a gazillion dollars to dumb, lazy blacks who couldn't be bothered to accomplish anything on their own
FUCK BLACKS! Get with the program or the GET THE FUCK OUT..
PDIDDY IceCube go suck Obamas balls if you can get his gay husband.

The new judge will get rid of that gay marriage bullshit. They all dropping like flies killing themselves instead getting divorced.. Wake up bitch it time you learn to do things the right way.
ICE!!! yes!!
Edibles are fucking people up in California. 
We just wanted the laws laxed, not turned into meth/weed zombies! FAWK!
Though I'm glad he met with republicans he has it so wrong. Respect is earned, it is never given.
Mo free shit yo!
who cares what celebritys have to say on either side to be honest. my question is why come to the government for a solution? id never ask anyone to subsidize my lifestyle or ideas
How to solve problems in the black community?
Let's see...
1 - For those who decided to make a career off other people's money, GET OFF THE WELFARE!
2 - The left has successfully brainwashed most of you into thinking you got the short end of the stick and, therefore, you're a victim who will need their help forever and ever.  ALL BULLSHIT.  MAKE your own reality and take responsibility for YOUR OWN actions. 
3 - IF you don't already have one, don't be lazy and get a job!
4 and 5 - Pay your bills and your taxes.
6 - If you're a father...BE A FATHER, not just a sperm donor.
7 - Teach your kids how to be respectful to others, no matter the color of their skin.
8 - THINK for YOURself.
9 - EVEN if you did NOTHING wrong, if you're stopped by a cop, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!  Don't argue.
10 - Last one... if you want REAL change to the black community, vote republican.  Most of you have voted democrat and got shit on EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Empty promises is what they give. Maybe its time to try ...
500 billion dollars on the table for blacks?  fuck off.
Ice Cuck hasn't made a decent song in  435 years what does he know?
Republican keeps blocking everything that helps average Americans.👍
Gangster, turned Hollywood, turned politician.... sounds American.

Stupid trump voting retards
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