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Biden expects to win easily

2437   8 days ago
Biden2020 | 3 subscribers
2437   8 days ago
Biden expects to win easily
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...You should have learned your lesson the first time about the media and their fake polls...
Did they not learn from 2016? Dipshits are going to have their arse handed to them, yet again.
in yer dream douche
biden is gonna suck lolipop in the end lol
CBS - Clinton Broadcasting Service
Yea, they all said this same lying shit in 2016 about Killary as well.
And the reason Biden's town hall got more viewers wasn't because Biden had more voters as CBS claims, but because more Trump supporters wanted to watch the train wreck called Biden spew out his constant lies. I know this because I am one of the people that watched his doddering fool of an ass for that reason, and I sure as hell am not a Biden voter.
i don't think the senile old man will win this one
picture of the pole taker
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