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Elderly abuse in nursing homes

3680   8 days ago
ChiTown_Mexican | 17 subscribers
3680   8 days ago
this is bullshit hope they all rot in prison then in hell...
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Just call it what it is: Black on white crime.
I'm suing a nursing home that killed my disabled sister. Her bed sores looked like raw meat. She died full of sepsis, and a massive UTI that was untreated. All these places suck. Young lazy nigs hate white people.
Wow they were all black? Shocking........
I blame the shitty kids who put their elderly parents in these homes as well. No excuse for it. Your parents took care of your stupid asses so give them the courtesy to live their last few moments at home with family.
The abusers all seem to be a certain ethnicity. F*ckin monkeys
didnt click, it would just piss me off no end. people who prey on the weak and defenseless are just horrible
I was abused in a nursing home. This cute young white CNA gave me a great blow job, I'll never get over it and the trauma......... Just don't tell my wife.....lol
hah! fucking apes asking for it by acting on it
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