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New ISIS Video - Killing A Government Soldier In Clashes

6376   6 days ago
Gio | 68 subscribers
6376   6 days ago
New ISIS Video - Killing A Government Soldier In Clashes.

The day before yesterday, the Islamic State fighters repulsed an attack by the Nigerian army in the village of "Duska" in the "Brno" region in northeastern Nigeria.
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These clowns would be mowed the fuck down by any semi competent military force.
let them kill eachother fine by me
apes on the lose
Hey, I thought Trump finished off isis, with his bare hands, walking uphill in the snow, both ways.
ISIS = Israeli mercenaries.

The reason obama pulled forces from the ME was about allowing ISIS to be armed and organized. Then they shipped the refugees into europe/west. Creating a firesale of property in syria. There was something called law 10, which required syrians during the war to present their property titles, within a 30 day period or forefit their land to be auctioned off. The rothschild jews came in to seize syrian oil with genie energy, as the russian jews did in iraq with gazprom.
Where dem dam Bunga-Bungas git da munny fo' dat sheeit, mang?
savage cunts
lovely.... now government soldiers turn
If the halal inbreds conquer the whole area of Niggeria they will have very large oil reserves and many, many Christians will be slaughtered in and around Niggeria.
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