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Man who simulated having a gun dies after being shot by Phoenix police


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2562   10 months ago
ThisIsButter | 443 subscribers
2562   10 months ago
Newly released bodycam video shows a suspect screaming at Phoenix police officers and motioning as if he had a gun before he was shot last month.

The deadly police shooting happened on the evening of Dec. 28 near 27th Ave. and Orangewood Ave. Police got 911 calls from a woman claiming that her ex-boyfriend was harassing her and that he has a history of violent behavior.

When officers arrived, they found 30-year-old Jordan Crawford wandering the area. When he was confronted, the suspect can be heard telling officers that he has a gun.

The bodycam video, which was edited by the Phoenix Police Department, shows Crawford marching back towards the street while ignoring police commands.

Crawford can be seen with his hand on his waistband while officers ordered him to surrender.

“Jordan don’t do this,” one officer can be heard pleading. “Show us your hands right now, brother.”

Crawford responded by saying, “Who wants to kill someone tonight?”

As more officers arrived, Crawford can be heard yelling at officers before counting down from five. At which point, he quickly raised his hand at officers.

A volley of gunshots followed as multiple officers fired at Crawford, killing him.

After the shooting, Phoenix police say officers used less-than-lethal weapons to approach Crawford before giving him medical aid, but this was not shown on video.

No weapon was found on Crawford.

The five officers involved are part of the Cactus park precinct and none of them were hurt during the incident.

The investigation is ongoing.
Tags: suicide, by, cop, shooting
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US LR User
sorry but that was funny
US LR User
dramatic way to go
Haywood_Jablomie LR User
I’m guessing since he’s whites we won’t be seeing calls to riot over police brutality
SE LR User
Death by firing squad. Cheap.
allanv LR User
Happy New Ye...
Tarballs LR User
Robin_Banks Level 2 Veteran
"Ma'am , your ex-boyfriend will never bother you again , dont bother getting another restraining order."


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