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A car in Brooklyn runs down police officers. One officer is injured.

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3462   1 month ago
Fairenough | 210 subscribers
3462   1 month ago
A car in Brooklyn has just run through police officers. At least once officer is injured. More to come.
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US Level 1
...Not surprised...

...Brooklyn is another dysfunctional urban shit hole... Leave them to their fate...
Bo_Shizzy LR User
'If you leave voluntarily, no charges will be filed." As they smash every single window of a car that is directly facing multiple pedestrians. How is that smart?
US LR User
Hard to call this one. I mean...I myself have turned dow a street and been smack in the middle of some shit. Cops everywhere, construction flipping a car over, dudes running around. I took a cut through an alley to avoid a one way that would have taken like 15 minutes. The alley wasnt closed off. These motherfuckers rolled up on me and started yelling like 4 sets of directions. GET OUT! Hands Up! Hey open the door! Crawl out the window with your hands up! I didnt know what to do. In the end I was cleared and I fucked off but I get the confusion here. He was probably trying to fuck off as instructed or took a wrong turn. I didnt see what he did to get his windows smashed. Thats no excuse to run people over though. Tough to call here.
US Level 1
Kill those niggers
jimjamz LR User
Gonna need popcorn for when the shooting starts. XD
US LR User
This one has the funniest asian sounds I've ever heard I've tried to post it like 5 times but wasn't able. :)

NoLivesMatter LR User
What a shithole.
FK LR User
That was a limo/car hire service. They were trying to stop him.

The driver was either a wanted felon, or had drugs on him or was an illegal.
TinFoilHatCat LR User
this is what we get when the evil people in power lose it to an outlier like trump. they ruin life as we know it with a giant large scale toddler tantrum to screw us all up and to keep their crimes hidden and the attention off of them.
CA LR User
Hollywood always predicts the future it seems.
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