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Sen Kamala Harris owned on TV

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8878   1 month ago
jamesdd | 116 subscribers
8878   1 month ago
Sen Kamala Harris owned on TV
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Etymology LR User
She is very unappealing and has slept her way to perhaps world leadership.
corn_holder LR User
look, a comedian pretending to be a journalist. and a whore pretending to be a politician.

wayment, maybe they are all terrible
2cents LR User
It's like punchable faces in stereo.
US LR User
She thinks she can just laugh her way through anything.
Serbheart LR User
Once the elections are over, hope this cunt is found drowned in her own excrement
US LR User
That bitch is a dangerous cunt. If leftbto her own designs and machinations, she’d turn America into a police state.....we’d be no different than acThird World African tinpot dictatorship where an opposition to her is hunted down, jailed or killed.
VA Level 1
What a relief it was for Steven - POS - Colbert that Camela gave him the word "debate" ...

That's how easy it is to fool the fools ... give them a word to gnaw on and all the rest is never recognized.
Makevelius LR User
So you don’t mean it?

Exactly, as long as she still gets to be a player in the game, she will do anything..
jimjamz LR User
Scarey assed freak would do anything to get to the top. I mean the only reason she even got to where she is, is by opening her legs and destroying a families in the process. Oh I can't wait to see this bitch scream and cackle when kiddy sniffer loses.
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