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Who Let this guy in to College?

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5691   1 month ago
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5691   1 month ago
Who Let this guy in to College?
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CA LR User
And here comes his gran mammy.
sumnayin LR User
I bet a 6 year old could pass all of the classes he took.
JustinDelavito LR User
kinda cringy that society encourages these retards and give them a hand and pass with everything and brainwash woman into mudsharking, it will be a sad day when whites are only seen at museums and everyone is just mixed soda and black because the liberal freaks convinced everyone that staying with your own kind is racist and not to preserve the race. if all dogs fucked there would be no such thing as purebreds so basically dogs like dalmatians and golden retrievers would not exist because they would be mutts in every dog. thats basically what they want to do with anyone who is not brown.
MrCat LR User
He's the reason the rest of the white students with actual talent and intelligence will be dumber when they graduate because they had to take the same lowered-standard tests that were implemented to allow him to graduate.
FR LR User
he must be from madagascar
Bo_Shizzy LR User
Surprised that Kangz College had a live graduation ceremony considering the Global Covidz Pandemonium 'n sheeit.
GeorgiaMontanaBoy LR User
Oh look diversity and inclusion! Nigger was given its deploma for free - apefirmitive axshun n sheeit
US Level 1
Now he can go out in the world and get his gibs.
yomommasofat LR User
Afrikan tribal dance.
US LR User
Hair dressing academy is much more lively than septic tank school.
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