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Family of man fatally shot by San Diego police calls shooting ‘excessive’

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The family of a man who was fatally shot last week by a San Diego police officer on Tuesday released video of the shooting and said they believe the officer used excessive force.
Jose Alfredo Castro Gutierrez’s widow and her family’s attorney said Castro was in a state of paranoia when he ran toward officers outside his home in the Mountain View neighborhood on Oct. 19. They said they believe Castro thought the officers would help him.

Instead a police officer shot Castro, a 30-year-old Mexican national and legal U.S. resident who worked in construction. Police said he had a metal curtain rod in hand.

The video — from a home surveillance camera — offers the first look at the encounter between Castro and officers. Police have not yet released video of the shooting. Spokesman Lt. Shawn Takeuchi said the Police Department was “making every effort to release video of the officer-involved shooting without delay.”

The surveillance video shows officers standing on a sidewalk. One officer walks around a pickup parked along the curb, holding what looks like a bean-bag shotgun. The officers on the sidewalk suddenly walk backwards — at least one of them reaches for his holster, as Castro sprints toward them. He suddenly falls to the ground, his bare feet convulsing.

Police said Officer Isai Castillo, who has been with the Police Department for two years, shot Castro. Another officer fired a bean-bag round, while a third fired a Taser.

“I’m in shock,” Castro’s widow, Ana Ojeda, said in an interview via Zoom. “I’m sad because it’s an injustice that my husband lost his life.”
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US LR User
Could have used more shooting.....
US LR User
Excessive?  Looked necessary to me...
Haywood_Jablomie LR User
I’m so confused how they do this shit and then act surprised they get shot.
corn_holder LR User
guy had that one coming. charge 5 to 6 armed officers and ya that will end well

you know what the several paragraphs are missing? WHY THE HELL WERE THE COPS CALLED THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?
Anunnaki LR User
Family of a Man ? how the fuck do you know that ? were you there ? where is the family that been shot ? 
I didn't see any family of a man get shot , I saw a man charging  Police  and got  dropped dead .
VA Level 1
Death by Beanbag
AnimalMutha LR User
Bullets really hurt, don't they, douchenozzle?
US LR User
Sit boy, sit!
Bo_Shizzy LR User
Beaner on Beaner violence?
US LR User
Fuck them all. It's not excessive when it is a life or death situation. Better the nigger dead than you.