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NYPD arrest wrong man

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Gomez | 41 subscribers
2128   1 month ago
Cops Swarm NYC Train After Reports of Guy Having a Gun, Only to Get The Wrong Guy.

at least 10 New York City police officers storming into a train car to tackle down a black man suspected of weilding a gun has sparked outrage for use of excessive force.

The arrest took place on Friday at the Franklin Avenue Station in Brooklyn.

Video footage of the incident, filmed by commuter Elad Nehorai, shows the moment the train stops at the station where a group of officers are standing at the platform with their guns drawn as they search for a man suspected of carrying a gun.

The suspect, wearing a green jacket and a red do-rag, appeared frightened as he looked at the swarm of officers.

In the video the cops clamor at the train doors and when they finally open two officer rush in, grab the man's hands, and pin him to the ground.

At least five officers are seen piling on top of the man on the ground as half a dozen officers look on. They're seen getting the man up and searching him for a gun and shaking his pants.

Officers were responding 'to an alert for a male with a gun', the NYPD said on Saturday. However, later it was determined that the man didn't have a gun and he was charged with theft of services.
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US Level 1
...All I see is anarchy with no desire to have law and order...

...Subway for subhumans...
US LR User
not wrong guy just wrong time
Nelson6972 LR User
is this wakanda?
AE LR User
"Fucking Bomba clot"
US LR User
on one hand nigger is always guilty of something
on the other hand, since he is a broke ass, it was easier to charge him with theft of service than to admit a mistake and then payout millions for roughing him up.
Drillfinger LR User
You can literally smell the fear in this wagon. Everyone thinks the police are here for them.
US LR User
If there was a legit report on the suspect. It would have been documented in order to dispatch so many personnel.
Were the police supposed to ask him nicely if he had a gun or wait until he opened fire? Nope.
I'm surprised so many officers even wanted to get involved with the mayor of NYC on the side of the lawless.
VA Level 1
I like that they still have these 70s caps
Captain_Obvious LR User
He's black
CrkWhoreRomance LR User
@1:55 You can see this bitch is excited by nothing more than chaos.
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