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Dashcam video shows vehicle losing control on frosty road, flipping into ditch


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2045   1 year ago
ThisIsButter | 474 subscribers
2045   1 year ago
Dashcam video captured the moment a vehicle lost control on a frosty road and flipped in the ditch near Lincoln, Nebraska, on Monday morning.

The video shows the automobile swerving from one side of the freeway to the other before doing a full flip on the roadside.

The Nebraska State Patrol said on Twitter that a trooper was driving behind the vehicle on the I-80 highway when the incident occurred.

“Even a small amount of frost can cause problems on the roadway,” the state patrol tweeted on Tuesday. The occupants of the vehicle were wearing their seatbelts and no injuries were reported.

On Monday, before the incident, the state patrol on Twitter warned drivers to “take it slow” and give “extra room” on the road due to overnight frost.
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Haywood_Jablomie LR User
Them nerves get ya when seeing a cop following you on the freeway?
FakreshalLamesh LR User Supporter
Too bad it wasn't a jeep or landrover with a roll bar. Could have just started engine if not still running and drove on.
UncleRuckus LR User
Retard driving a Jeep. Who would have guessed. And oh, typical Jeep behavior. Driving in the passing lane for no fucking reason. Hope they’re paralyzed so they can never drive again
TheyStink Level 2 Supporter
"Frosty Roads, take me home
To the place, I belong
Crashed in the shoulder
Mountain mamma
Take me home"
US LR User Supporter
Wheres the fucking salt trucks? Salt that shit!
stonewallz LR User Veteran
Almost pulled that off.
US Level 4 Mod
The driver over corrected & paid the price.
HomelessHank Level 2
Might be karma for driving in the passing lane and not passing.
CA Level 1 Supporter
I do that every 3 miles to make sure I'm not being followed.


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