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Dissenting Scientists Issue Declaration On COVID19

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1237   30 days ago
RaHoWarrior | 21 subscribers
1237   30 days ago
Dissenting Scientists Issue Declaration On COVID19
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SunSparc LR User
Funny how government-paid-scientists have a different 'science' from those who are not. Odd that.
US Level 1
...I still want to keep social distancing on the premise that some people are just gross...

...Some people have been digging in their ass, don't believe in general hygiene or chronically beat off and we're supposed to shake hands or even fist bump with that?!

...The gentlemen's rule of thumb should be a cane's distance...
US LR User
I wonder what they will pull out of their ass next to try to enslave us all.
US LR User
31 minutes? Are you fucking insane?  ;-)
US LR User
The cure is way worse than the ill for sure, but nobody will listen to them. This jew flu has a plan behind it, and did before anything happened. Trump is facilitating the jew covid attack on america like bush did the the israeli 9/11 attack. The solution to these problems is to take the power of money away from the jews. The next stage of the attack will involve the banks seizing the money in our accounts.It's called a "bail-in" and they were installed in our nation in the dodd-frank legislation.

We're already paying more than 50% of our income to taxes when you calculate it at all the levels including fines and fees. I keep hearing that less than 60% of our employment now comes from small business, this is a massive drop, and it's a result of the jew economic attacks. It matters because small business should be driving the politics. Instead they're broke, and worse can be intimidated and extorted by suppliers because we live in a country where our markets are monopolized.
zwartesmurf LR User
the gov't is just a front for the satanic ruling class. whichever incumbent and whatever the campaign promises of the candidate the political system exists only to consolidate and to strengthen the "rule" of the satanic degenerate and demonic "elite"
FactsMachine Level 1
"We need to make sure the cure isn't worse than the disease."  -- President Trump [early days of pandemic].
FK LR User
Crock of shit.  Gupta has already made  a fool of herself with the much  criticized Oxford model she  came up with. (She is a  "theororetical" epidemiologist, not a clinical epidemiologist. Kuldorff  specializes in statistical and epidemiological methods for cancer disease surveillance. he is not a clinical epidemiologist nor a treating health care provider. Dr. Bhattacharya’s research focuses on the economics of health care  with a particular emphasis on the health and well-being of vulnerable populations. He is not a clinical epidemiologist and is not   treating infected patients or involved in their healthcare.
These people are not qualified to offer an opinion on the treatment or current  medical situation. their views are not shared by the majority of health professionals who are  involved in managing the pandemic.