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Justified shooting when NYPD Shoots Man in the Hip in After He Points Wallet at Officers


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3506   10 months ago
ThisIsButter | 443 subscribers
3506   10 months ago
The NYPD said an officer shot a man in the hip inside a Manhattan building Tuesday evening after he claimed he had a gun and pointed an object at officers — as object sources said turned out to be a wallet.

It happened shortly before 5:50 p.m. at a building on West 114th Street near Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard in Harlem.

The officers, who responded to reports of a man wielding a gun inside the building, said they found a man matching the description on the fourth floor.

The officers, who were 15 to 20 feet away from the man, demanded he take his hand out of his pockets, but he refused and said he had a gun. Police said one of the officers fired three shots at the man, striking him once, when he then pointed an object at them.

Multiple police sources told NY1 the object was a wallet, and that he pointed it like a gun.

The man, who has not been identified as of this writing, was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive. The officers were taken to the hospital for evaluation.

The police department said the shooting was caught on the officers' body cameras.

Authorities said the man's mother had an order of protection against him.

The NYPD is investigating.
Tags: wallet, gun, shooting
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US LR User
Stupid fuck
DragonWriter LR User
"Stay there, stay there! I got a gun!" Oh well, shucks. I seemed to have left mine at the precienct.  Guess I'll have to leave and go back and get it. What a bad day I'm having at work. 😢Because it's ALWAYS a wise thing to say to a police officer that you have a gun and use a threatening tone in your voice!
TheyStink Level 2 Supporter
Good job officers.  You never know what a nigger is capable of when it doesn't listen.  And there is this....
Cteas Level 1
The NYPD has a long history of shooting people for wallets, cellphones, hairbrushes and other everyday items.  For some reason, they are always justified, and rarely held accountable.
Fierro77 LR User
Silly nigro lol😂
maxedout LR User
US Level 4 Mod
ChimSavage1 LR User
Hahaha.  Howd that work out for him.
US Level 2 Veteran
They should have shooted him better.
Hughjanus Level 1 Supporter
"I have a gun" can be heard twice at the very end. Suicide by cops.
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