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Video shows suspect attack judge in Mississippi courtroom


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13955   4 months ago
ThisIsButter | 352 subscribers
13955   4 months ago
Surveillance video captured the moment a suspect attacked a Mississippi judge as a bailiff was attempting to escort him out of the courtroom.

Sidney Newsome, 27, was in Pike County Justice Court last month on a domestic violence charge when he began throwing things at Judge Aubrey Rimes, according to NBC affiliate WLBT. Newsome appeared to get loose from a bailiff who seemed to be walking him out of court, according to the footage.

Though his hands were in restraints, Newsome got a stack of papers and flung them at Rimes, then grabbed a telephone and threw that as well. Rimes left his place behind the bench and helped restrain Newsome.

The judge pinned him down on a table while he struggled, the video showed. Another man who got up to help the judge was identified as Newsome’s brother, WLBT reported.

Newsome was charged with contempt of court and will likely face additional charges in regard to the Jan. 7 incident, Pike County Sheriff James Brumfield told NBC News on Tuesday. Newsome is currently in custody.

"It was an unfortunate incident that occurred but we've put in place security procedures to make sure it does not happen again," Brumfield said.

The county clerk's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News on Tuesday.
Tags: suspect, attack, judge
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US LR User
Why are those sheriffs so fat?
US LR User
Someone please get the women out of the way and let the men take care of the situation. Her job is to call for the men when help is needed. Ffs
fknstr LR User
Just love the part where the three fat, over-weight "employees" arrive to take the nigger down. Those who can, patrol. Those who can't, work in the courtroom!
Captain_Obvious LR User
What did you expect would happen if you let them indoors? And why only a useless fat female for security? Judge had to take over! Haha what a fucking joke.
IrishLincoln LR User Veteran
Know your place criminal
US Level 1
the judge sat back down...crossed his legs.....and marked that up to another nigger, another day.
pshooter67 LR User
good job for the judge to stick up for the guy helping him...    morons
zsleepwalker LR User
I am a woman so I am allowed to say this: Useless female bailiff! Good grief. Political correctness is killing us.
ShadowLink LR User
Obesity rate among bailiffs in Mississippi = 100%
US Level 1
The judge got highly motivated after getting some shit thrown at him..
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