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NYC Parking Road Rage HUGE fight #1

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8641   9 days ago
NYC Parking Road Rage HUGE fight

A parking spot brawl quickly morphed into violent road rage ... ending with a car crashing into a bakery celebrating its grand opening, and it was all caught on video.

The insane incident went down Monday in Queens where a group of men were throwing hands in the middle of the street over a parking spot. The video picks up with one man stuck in a headlock while another man wields a bat, swinging it like crazy.

You see the bat-wielding gent land several shots before everyone appears to walk away. Keyword ... appears. That's when all hell broke loose ... with the dude taking a whack at the Audi's front bumper. That's when the man behind the wheel floors it and mows down the man with the bat ... violently hurling him onto the sidewalk before crashing into Rainbow Bakery. The bakery had just opened for business Monday.

Cops say 3 women and a man -- including a bakery employee -- were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Jie Zou, the man behind the wheel, was arrested for assault and reckless endangerment. Jonathan Zhang, the passenger in the Audi, was also arrested for assault.

Goes without saying ... the bakery owner said he was sad about his shop getting destroyed.
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max_powers LR User
NOW they have a grand opening!!   padump.... tsssss
LongTrail LR User
It happened at Kissena Boulevard in Flushing, Queens.  The 109th police precinct is the precinct for my neighborhood as well made the arrest.  There are tons of brothels and massage parlors in that area.  I go there almost once every week.  Parking is mother fucker because Mayor Bill de blasio killed all the park spots because of some bullshit relating to COVID-19.  Taking someone's parking spot in the city is a sure way to get your teeth kicked in.
CA LR User
That escalated quickly.
LongTrail LR User
Also in the paper today
US LR User
US LR User
small penis Asians
mstar5 LR User
All this over a parking spot that neither party would've parked properly. Sucks for the bakery owner
US LR User
His Kung Fu was not strong that day. Had to use car.
Sammarinese LR User
This is what happens when they don't have their tiger moms nearby to tell them to keep practicing the cello instead of going outside...
CA LR User
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