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Racist White Evil Karen harass Black family

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9633   5 days ago
Racist White Evil Karen harass Black family

A black family living in California’s Discovery Bay area have accused their white neighbor of using racial slurs during a confrontation where she also brandished a taser in her hand.

The video of Geritt Jones and his sister Jarielle Jones’s argument with their neighbour, identified in US media as Adana Dean, was posted on Twitter and Instagram by Ms Jones on 17 November and has since gone viral.

Surveillance camera footage and a mobile phone video, filmed by a member of the Jones family, show Ms Dean waving a taser in her left hand and carrying her dog in her right hand, complaining on Geritt Jones’s doorstep about their dog attacking hers.

As the argument becomes heated, Mr Jones can be heard asking Ms Dean to leave his property. She responds telling him: "You are a black person in a white neighbourhood and you are acting like one”, suggesting they instead act like “a white person in a white neighbourhood”.

Informed that she is being filmed, Ms Dean says “I don’t give a s***”, adding that the Joneses are “acting like people who aren’t normal”. “You know what? You guys are acting like Black people and you should act like white people,” she says.

Questioned about carrying a taser, Ms Dean can be heard saying she is doing so because her dog was attacked by theirs.

100% confirmed racist republicunt.
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US LR User
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he has a camera on your face.. still talking.. was she high or on medication? 

Either way she was wrong.   You need to distinguish between blacks and N***Rs, not same at all...

See a BLACK proud boys member...
US Level 1
Black family... I've seen this thing on TV but it's so rare in real life. Isn't that why  BLM calls the nuclear family racist- because blacks don't have them? Sad.
GreyMatter LR User
Black family with a Pitbull in a white neighborhood, and he says he's not acting like a black guy. SMH
HeyMaker LR User
Dumb nigger
TinFoilHatCat LR User
black people have been harassing good people for months and the BLACKlash IS C😂MING!
gaping_anus LR User
oh i definitely believe the niggers lol
because they never, ever cause problems
this nigger family doesn't even belong in the country
let alone that neighborhood
op is a faggot for not knowing that a racist is simply someone who knows how vile niggers are
US LR User
Who can disagree.

He is a nigger with a pit bull he doesn't control. If he were  a white gangster, instead he would have some very expensive dobermans. So well trained when he snapped his fingers they'd assemble into formation. But no, he's brought niggerbarkers into the neighborhood to diminish everyone's enjoyment of their homes. Because he's a thoughtless, careless, stupid fucking nigger.
glitchybaby23 LR User
Damn it, I really wanted to know where he was gonna go! Tease.
US LR User
Nigger rich...move right in with whitey. There goes the neighborhood.
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