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1894   4 months ago
GerM4st3r | 40 subscribers
1894   4 months ago
Not only Covid is a Hoax but many other "Viruses" too but the real threat is The "Vaccines" because they are not "Vaccines" but Poison, dont let People talk you into getting the jab and dont be fooled by these Pro covid fags ever... No "Vaccine Jab" = Freedom You can see just how many People are blind and following like a sheep. I think many people said no at first, but this constant news from Covid this covid that in all news outlets, Tv's, radio, seeing it 24/7 Propaganda changes the way of thinking and you think it is real and you have to do it... if you know what i mean.. And this constant you have to get vaccinated because otherwise you are not allowed to work or go on vacation ... then no clear decision can be made because of the constant pressure from everywhere you are overwhelmed and / or depressed. im not Vaccinated and never will be because im healthy and will be healthy in the future because this shit dont exist, my Family is almost fully Vaccinated, even my 85 Grandmother and 88 Grandfather had been Vaccinated even tho they dont go anywere except the Mall, where i think this goes to far and they sit by the tv everyday and let the Propaganda sink in their minds From this Fake bullshit...mind control. but its their own fault! i told and showed them everything but they are to stubborn to recognize the red flags etc its their problem now not mine...they are old enough, I've done everything I can.. And I had so many contacts with people over the last 15-20 years, we also had some other "viruses" that supposedly came along and I had absolutely nothing .. nobody here had anything... When they introduce the Digital ID you people will not have any freedom anymore, they know if you had it or not...it shows red when you didn't had your "jab" and they can forbid you many things because of this. i think security or Police whatever it will be, will be at the mall or wherever you go, denying you to enter the Mall because you didn't had your "jab"etc Good that i am not Vaccinated and i am not a sheep. nothing against you but i mean who thinks this shit covid is deadly lol..
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