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BPD releases video of officer involved shooting the suspect was injured


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650   1 month ago
ThisIsButter | 413 subscribers
650   1 month ago
The Bakersfield Police Department released footage Friday of an officer-involved shooting resulting in the injury of a 30-year-old suspect on June 16 on Union Avenue.

At 9 p.m. that day, BPD tried to make a traffic stop near Olive and Knudsen drives for a car with no front license plate. Officers found that the rear license plate was connected to a vehicle involved in a postal theft and did not match the make or model of the car, according to BPD's video.

Suspect Juan Ramirez III did not yield to officers, leading to a roughly hour-long vehicle pursuit. BPD patrol vehicles do not contain cameras mounted on a dashboard, according to BPD's video.

During the car chase, a passenger exited Ramirez's vehicle near downtown Bakersfield, according to BPD’s video. The man was detained and the pursuit continued, police said. Around 9:13 p.m., the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Helicopter joined the hunt, according to BPD’s released video.

Around 9:17 p.m., a supervisor stopped the ground pursuit because Ramirez was driving recklessly, according to BPD’s video.

Around 9:32 p.m., officers deployed a tire deflation device to slow Ramirez’s vehicle. Another tire deflation device was deployed at 9:34 p.m. at South Chester Avenue and Planz Road, according to BPD’s video.

Officers resumed the ground pursuit and two plain-clothed police units joined the chase. The undercover officers were in the area, conducting surveillance for an unrelated investigation, police said.

Around 9:44 p.m., Ramirez’s vehicle became disabled because of tire deflation efforts and stopped in the 2700 block of South Union Avenue, according to BPD’s video. He fled the car he was driving and carjacked another occupied vehicle, police said.

Many police units converged where the suspect sat in the passenger seat. An undercover officer, Senior Officer Dalton, wore a body armor vest and approached the vehicle, according to BPD’s video.

Dalton was not wearing a body camera because he was conducting another unrelated investigation, according to BPD’s video.

Dalton saw the suspect “struggling” with the victim, the driver of the car, and discharged his firearm twice, according to BPD's video. Ramirez was struck and the other victim did not suffer any injuries, police said.

Dalton was the only officer to fire a weapon, BPD said. Another officer deployed his Taser at the suspect, but it appeared to have no effect, BPD said in the video.

Officers yelled at Ramirez to “get on the (expletive) on the ground” and “show me your (expletive) hands” after shots were fired.

In the video, Ramirez gets on the ground. A holster is attached to his right hip. The firearm was recovered from the victim’s car, said BPD in its video.

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