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Nathan Roybal fatally shot by The Santa Fe County Sheriff


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ThisIsButter | 413 subscribers
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The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has released a report naming 32-year-old Nathan Roybal of Santa Fe as the man killed by deputies the night of June 23 following a chase that ended on Siler Road.

While New Mexico State Police, which is investigating the shooting, has released few details — including the slain man’s name — an incident report from the county agency describes what occurred prior to the deputies’ deadly gunshots.

The episode began around 9:30 a.m., when the sheriff’s office received a call from a woman on Lopez Lane who said she was being stalked by Roybal — who had a criminal history dating to 2007, according to court records. The woman told emergency dispatchers he had pointed a gun at her, the report says.

When a deputy arrived at the home, he saw a black Ford Ranger heading out of the neighborhood and began to follow it.

The pickup then began moving in reverse toward the deputy.

The deputy pulled his vehicle to the side, avoiding a collision with the truck, he wrote in the report. When he asked the man what he was doing, the deputy wrote, the man cussed at him and drove off.

Another deputy who arrived at the scene drew his gun and pointed it at the driver, later identified as Roybal, and ordered him to stop. Roybal said, “You’re not going to shoot me,” before driving away recklessly on Lopez Lane, according to the report.

As Roybal fled, he drove into oncoming traffic, onto a curb and on the wrong side of the road, the report says.

Deputies followed the truck as it turned onto eastbound Agua Fría Street. Roybal was driving about 60 mph “and faster,” the report says, and running through stop signs.

But eventually, the pursuit was canceled, and the deputies returned to the home on Lopez Lane.

A woman there told them Roybal had given her a ride once in the past and then began stalking her. He often would show up at her residence and sit outside, she said. He also would ask her mother for money when she wasn’t home.

“She told Nathan on multiple occasions to leave and he would. … He continues to come to her residence even when she is not home,” the report says.

That morning, the woman told deputies, she was tired of Roybal showing up at her home and confronted him.

But when she told him to leave, Roybal pointed a “black 9mm” handgun at her, prompting her to call law enforcement.

An arrest warrant for Roybal was issued that morning on charges of aggravated assault and resisting an officer, the report says.

Later that day, it states, he was killed by other deputies in a shooting, and the warrant was voided.

While state police have said the slain suspect led deputies on two separate pursuits June 23 in a stolen truck, the sheriff’s office report does not mention the Ranger driven by Roybal was believed to be stolen.

Roybal’s slaying was the second by law enforcement that day. Earlier, a Santa Fe police officer had killed a man on a downtown street.

Roybal’s criminal history includes convictions for burglary, extortion and theft of a vehicle.

He had an active arrest warrant for failure to appear in court for a November case in which he was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of resisting an officer after he was accused of attempting to hurt his mother and brother with a knife, according to court records.
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