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Mike Lindell - The Full Documentary - Absolute Truth - ELECTION FRAUD EXPOSED!



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3768   9 months ago
Anonymous | 35 subscribers
3768   9 months ago
The latest major voice to come forward and call bullshit on the 2020 election - Mike Lindell - who has been systematically silenced by the legacy media and big tech - not only him but his company as well.

It's a long presentation, but it doesn't need to be watched all at once or even sequentially. Each expert has his field and example to discuss - so jump around if that's more your style. I particularly like the Dr. Shiva section which is toward the middle.

Fight the good fight every moment, fellow LRers!
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Elmondo Level 1 Supporter
US LR User
This video should be shown all over USA and the World.
President Trump dropped the ball and gave our country to the treasonous Democrats by not declaring martial law after election and having military seize all evidence from every state with questionable results!
Courts should then have been forced to rule on evidence and all Democrat actors in the coup detained until courts reached a verdict!
US LR User
Looks like he got silenced here as well, free speech my ass, not in this country.
ES LR User Supporter
Excellent second video by Mike narrated by some one else about 13min long https://www.bitchute.com/video/CjddEfmKYQc0/
Mad_Onion LR User Troll
Lindell is a convicted felon.  Just buy his pillows.
FakreshalLamesh Level 1 Supporter
American first, Trump Lost, end of story.


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