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Remember Them The Pawns of War


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1312   2 months ago
Rt7839209483209 | 17 subscribers
1312   2 months ago
Remember Them The Pawns of War.

Originally posted from the blog NewAmericaNow, this video is dedicated to the brave men and women who served in Afghanistan, unfortunately, in a war that is nothing more than a shitstorm of politically epic proportions. I and many others, commend and honor the brave sacrifices of these men and women; however, I condemn Biden and all the other cocksucking warhawks who sold a lie to the American people, in order to rile us up for a threat that turned out to be nothing more than an unmitigated, disastrous farce.

Share this video and get the message out to many as you can so that future generations can stand up and refuse to be pawns for politicians and greedy, morally bankrupt defense corporations.
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