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#England In Broad Daylight, gang destroys man's car and property...


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7244   3 months ago
Anonymous | 64 subscribers
7244   3 months ago
Cars smashed up as gang forces its way into Hyndburn home
The gang descended up on Tanpits Road near Accrington on Tuesday where two cars were smashed up as well as the inside of a house

A major police investigation is under way after a gang of men reportedly smashed up two cars before forcing their way into an east Lancashire house and destroying a TV, walls, and windows.

The incident saw the group descend upon a property in Tanpits Road, Church, near Accrington at around 2pm on Tuesday (October 13).

Police received reports of two cars, a Peugeot and BMW, being vandalised before windows on the property were then smashed through.

The gang then forced its way into the home where they broke a television, walls, rear windows, and a number of ornaments, police report.

Those trespassing and causing the damage then scarpered from the scene in four vehicles.

Since the incident, two men aged 35 and 27 from Bolton and a 26-year-old man from Trowbridge on suspicion of aggravated burglary. They are currently in custody.

Police believe there is no wider threat in the community and are treating it as an "isolated incident".

A statement from Lancashire Constabulary on Wednesday said: "We were called at 2.05pm yesterday (Tuesday, October 13) to reports of public order offences in Tanpits Road, Church.

"It was reported a number of men had vandalised two cars, a Peugeot and BMW, before smashing the windows of a house.

"The group then forced their way inside the address before damaging further property including a television, ornaments, walls and rear windows.

Credit: Spellingpolise

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