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Armed robber robs a taxi driver


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5262   1 month ago
ChiTown_Mexican | 169 subscribers
5262   1 month ago
taxi driver: where is that?

robber: just a bit further by that red bus

*robber pulls the emergency brake and pulls out knife*

robber: come here. come here. don't get crazy. don't get crazy faggot because im going to kill...

taxi driver: hold on you son of a bitch. hold on bitch.
robber: im going to kill you faggot.

*robber starts stabbing*

taxi driver: you son of a bitch! you son of a bitch!

robber: die! die! die you son of a bitch! die you son of a bitch!

taxi driver: hold on you son of a bitch!

robber: give me the cell phone!

taxi driver: im going to kill you

robber: give it to me!

*taxi driver spits in his face*

robber: give it to me

*video skips*

robber: mother fucker get it out of your belt
Tags: robbery
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