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Customer throws drink at coffee stand employees


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5285   1 month ago
ThisIsButter | 447 subscribers
5285   1 month ago
Surveillance video shows a customer throwing a drink at two FastLane Coffee employees who were working in the drive-thru in Springfield Thursday afternoon.

"She came back and wanted us to remake it," said Ryan Pires, the owner of FastLane Coffee. "So we remade the drink. She came back a third time and at that point she chose to use vulgar language and threw the drink at our employees."

Pires said this is the first time in the eight years he's owned FastLane that he's seen a customer throw a drink.

"I can always try to find solutions, but to that result of that behavior is unacceptable and inexcusable," Pires said. "My employees do not deserve to be treated like that."

Pires posted the video of the encounter on the shop's Facebook page and within a day it had garnered more than 18,000 views and more than 100 shares. He's hopeful someone in the community will recognize the woman in the video.

To the customer who threw the drink he says, "I would love to have a conversation with you. At this point, maybe hear your side of things if you want to discuss with us."

Pires said he would like to speak with the customer and has sought out legal advice.

He said he's thankful for the support from the community.

"We had a customer actually give me $100 this morning to give to the two girls to split which I matched, so right there the girls walked off with $100," he added.

Other restaurants report similar interactions with hostile patrons.

"I've had conversations with customers that have been like, 'You just made my girl cry because you didn't have butter on your toast when it was served,'" said Michelle Reid, the owner of Jazzy Ladies Cafe in Eugene. "If you're going to act like that in my restaurant, then I'm going to have to invite you not to come back."

Reid said badly behaving customers should not be tolerated.

"I'm willing to stand up for my staff because I really care about them as people and I see how hard they work," Reid said.

Lisa Truelove, the owner of Palace Coffee and Bakery in Eugene, said she's experienced similar behavior from people in her store. Truelove said on Wednesday, a man who appeared to be homeless stole from her business.

"He proceeded to turn around and steal a box of pastries and run out the door," Truelove said.

For anyone who thinks behaving similarly to the customer in FastLane's video is acceptable, Pires had a message.

"If anybody else is thinking about resulting to that kind of behavior, please don't," Pires said. "My wife always says choose joy and in today's world we could find a lot of that."
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