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LR Merchandise, and some Info


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3349   1 month ago
Anonymous | 30 subscribers
3349   1 month ago
LR Merchandise, Some Info

Thank you for your patience. “I sincerely want to thank you and your foundation for your amazing generosity of supporting Leaked Reality...because of YOU, we are here today.

Time to ship LR merchandise to those has paid and waited patiently.

There are a few users,, who have paid for the Level 3, we are going to ship your stuff first.
*Whole year membership*

A small list of the items

Level 3
3 LR T-shirts ( You can pick 3 different sizes)
3 LR mugs
LR email subscription for whole year

Level 2
2 LR T-shirts ( You can pick 3 different sizes)
2 LR mugs
LR email subscription for whole year

Level 1
1 LR T-shirt ( You can pick 3 different sizes)
1 LR mug
LR email subscription for whole year

How to:
Please note, we are starting with the US users first because the supplier is in the states.
Then we take Europe and the rest of the world.

FAQ: What do you need from me?
Email us your username and the level - write I want LR merchandise.

Why am I emailing you? You already know this??
Some users like to stay anonymous, we don't keep data like that, we need to confirm the paying customers, and the collect the T-shirt size and other shipping related data to place an order asap for production.

I’m level 1-2-3 but I never paid for it, but was rewarded, am I gonna get too?
Unfortunately no, as much as we love to, we cannot afford it as these costs a lot money to produce and the shipment and we are poor as fuck.

I have never purchased VIP but I have donated to you, I want too!
We will contact you via email, once the VIP orders are shipped, because manual donations are going to take time and we need to confirm one by one who has donated, and wants to have the merchandise.

My private data?
All Items will be shipped from our merchandise shop, and no one will have access to that but me. You will have the option to check, delete my data, so once the order is shipped and delivered, it will be deleted automatically.

Merchandise shop?
We will invite you with a link so you can enter your info, t-shirt sizes and colors etc, not connected to LR but operated by LR.

Why separate site?' Do I need to register there?
For your privacy, security. No you don't have to, we will send you confirmation link to you to enter information about shipping details.

Can you ship to my friend/mom/dog/cat/uncle/horse's address?
yes, you can decide that, whatever.

PO box?
I don't know. That is something must be checked, but possible.

Shipping company?
UPS or FedEx.

Am I paying for the shipment?
Nope, you are paying nothing. You've already paid.

Why US first? Because products are made in the USA, it is much easier to send to the US first.

Please note we need to collect the total number and sizes before we can ship these, so have patients.

You are not going to send any information until Merchandise are ready to be shipped.
-> before end of 2021 we will have most shipped to you.

Mugs, T-shirts examples will be published soon. These are just examples we have received. Possible to add your username on the mugs!

I'm not VIP, can I buy it?

Nope, not for sale. Not planning either.

Questions? Shoot!

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