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Truck vs Car Suicide


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4826   1 month ago
Etymology | 398 subscribers
4826   1 month ago
The councilman from Nova Mutum, Romeu Belém (DEM), died after a crash between the car he was driving and a truck on BR-163, near the city. The PRF suspects that he caused the accident on purpose, since a "farewell letter" was found in his vehicle. In addition, there is an audio sent to family members in which he asks for "forgiveness".

The violent collision between the Kia vehicle driven by the congressman and the Scania truck happened early this Thursday afternoon (14), near the toll plaza (exit to Cuiabá). The councilman driving the car died trapped in the wreckage.

According to information from Rota do Oeste, the concessionaire that manages the stretch of highway where the accident happened, the teams were called at 12:44 pm to attend the occurrence at km 592 of BR-163, in Nova Mutum, involving a cargo vehicle and a SUV.

When the rescuers arrived on the scene, they confirmed the death of the passenger car driver. The truck driver was taken to Nova Mutum Hospital. It was not informed whether he was in a serious condition.

With the violent impact, the car went off the road and its front end was completely destroyed. The truck stopped on the road and part of the cavalo mecânico stopped on the shoulder.

Initially, the case was treated as another one of the many accidents that occur on the BR-163 highway. However, after analyzing the congressman's car, they found a "farewell letter", which indicates that he committed suicide.

In the text, he insinuates disagreements with his ex-wife for the act. "The will to return the old Romeo is immense, the will to want to take the life of the mother of my daughter is enormous, but I don't want to do that. I prefer to leave," says an excerpt from the letter.

The Official Technical Identification Forensics (Politec) and the Civil Police were called to follow up on the incident.
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