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Parents of Texas man who died after encounter with deputies


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2914   8 days ago
ThisIsButter | 256 subscribers
2914   8 days ago
The parents of a Texas man who died during a 2019 encounter with Wagoner County deputies filed a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday in Muskogee federal court.

John and Pamela Krueger, in their complaint, claim deputies beat, tased and suffocated their son, Jeffrey Krueger, following a traffic stop in Wagoner on July 1, 2019.

In addition to the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office and two deputies, the lawsuit names Wagoner Emergency Services Inc. and two of its workers.

The lawsuit claims deputies used excessive force on Krueger while trying to detain him following a traffic stop near the intersection of Oklahoma 51 and U.S. 69.

Sheriff Chris Elliott could not be reached for comment. The Wagoner County Courthouse was closed Tuesday due to snow and cold temperatures.

A previous Tulsa World article quoted Elliott as saying Krueger did not follow a deputy’s commands when he approached Krueger’s vehicle.

“The deputy drew a weapon, and the suspect reached out and grabbed it,” Elliott was quoted as saying. “There was a struggle over the gun, and the deputy recovered it.

“A second deputy arrived, and when they got the suspect out of the car, a fight started, lasting approximately four to five minutes before they got him in handcuffs. That’s an eternity to be fighting someone.”

Elliott said Krueger either quit breathing or had difficulty breathing after he was “taken into custody.”

Attorney Mark Lyons, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Kruegers, said in a telephone interview that other records tell a different story.

“It’s obvious from looking at the description of the (ambulance) report and the medical records that he was suffocated and beat to death at the scene,” Lyons said.

Krueger had no pulse, and his pupils were fixed and dilated at the scene, Lyons said. He was transported to a hospital, where he was declared dead.

Hospital X-rays revealed that Krueger had a “flail chest,” which the lawsuit defined as a life-threatening condition where multiple adjacent ribs are fractured, in multiple places, causing the ribs to separate from the chest wall,” according to the lawsuit.

Lyons said one deputy used a Taser on Krueger while another sat on his back, pinning him to the pavement despite Krueger’s calling for help and saying he couldn’t breathe.
Tags: fatal, police, custody
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US LR User
Don't want to die when pulled over by the police?
1. Don't act like an ass hole!
Bob_Gantry LR User
Don't you all feel so safe knowing that Lt Crockett is on the scene? Fuckin quota-hire kitchen dwellers....
US Level 3
Someone should calculate the man hours and costs devoted each year to babysitting and  keeping society safe of a niggers natural genetic inclination to chimp out. That's what fakestream media should be discussing, but instead we have the same police making nightime home visits to conservatives  letting them know they're being watched for being concerned...
evilbadguy LR User
when you're not even alive but somehow still resist.. if that was a black guy, dude be given a room at holiday inn and a doctor for the entire night to take care of him then free shit in the morning then off to terrorize whity again and claim ultimate victim as usual..
US Level 3
Should have killed him in a fire like his uncle Freddy Krueger
LR User
Dude shouldn't of acted like a nigger to begin with, that said, the prick cop weighs at least 225 and was kneeling straight on his back with both knees....then tazed. I dunno. Looks like ez money for parents.
US Level 1
When I was a kid I trained to outrun the repoman. My mum said, you have to be fast and sly. Like a ninja, because the repoman is smart, he knows all the roads, he knows who your cousin's former roommate's uncle is. He's relentless, enjoys the chase, and making people suffer is his candy. Thanks ma!
US LR User
CA LR User
struggle over the gun.


Poor stupid bastard.
LangHoa84 Level 1
Morons die by cop.
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