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Trump plaza imploded


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3756   8 days ago
ThisIsButter | 256 subscribers
3756   8 days ago
The demolition of a casino that went bankrupt back in 2014. New technologies brought him "kirdyk", it was then that Donald Trump decided to go into politics. At first, they even wanted to play roulette, who would press the button, but they refused, everything went traditionally and normally.

I decided to give it different rollers, not to mount one. The rest are under the cut, filmed from different sides.
Tags: trump, plaza, dead
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US LR User
But they don't mention Bally's, Cesar's, right next to it. They're closed and will be demolished too...

They should demolish that whole POS city. I had to go there a lot. By far the worst shithole city I've been to.
Etymology Level 2500
Not as good as the 9/11 demolition job.
Bob_Gantry LR User
Huh! It must have gotten hit by a jet airliner.
Steinagus LR User
Sorry, but Trump International Hotel in Vegas is still going strong. Nice try.
LP1000 LR User
Listen to all the liberal supremacists screaming in cheer!  All the soy boners going boing... and all the trashy rotten cunts clapping their hands.  Imagine all the dirty whore vaginas in the vicinity, oozing with joy as the Trump tower collapses.  Imagine the smell getting wafted in your direction from the breeze caused by the falling tower...  Must smell fishier than the beach...  FFS.
GeorgiaMontanaBoy Level 1
I love when leftists use the "but but Trump went bankrupt 7 times" bullshit argument. I always say to these leftist retard whack jobs, and show me your 10 Billion dollars after 7 bankrupt businesses. In fact Trump has bankrupted probably 50 businesses as it is a defacto capital strategy when attempting rough business ventures to use it as a tool to success. Fucking leftards.
whiteafrikan LR User
I bet liveleak is creaming their panties
US Level 2
Those 3 guys in the lower right corner didn't even flinch a fucking muscle!
lostmic LR User
Damn the math behind that I find amazing! Drop a building with out hitting something else.
IE LR User
How the fuck does a casino go bankrupt...?!!
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