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Poland Border Crises: Belarus accuses Polish Border Forces of BEATING migrants


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20673   25 days ago
Anonymous | 35 subscribers
20673   25 days ago
EU/Poland BORDER CRISIS: Tense standoff continues – Belarus accuses Polish Border Forces of BEATING migrants.

Migrants have been used to “destabilize the situation in Poland, the Baltic states and the EU," Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki claimed - calling Lukashenko the executor and Putin the director.

Russia's FM Sergey Lavrov dismissed the baseless accusations saying the border situation was the fault of the EU. “The responsibility for resolving the crisis lies with those who made it possible for it to start in the first place,” Lavrov said.

Meanwhile the EU is edging closer to hitting Minsk with further sanctions. (Reuters)

Brussels seems to forget that the EU MIGRANT CRISIS has been ongoing since 2015, when over 1MN asylum-seekers sought to enter the bloc.
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