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Guy Pummels Everyone He Sees


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12963   2 months ago
BlueEyedDevil | 66 subscribers
12963   2 months ago
Tayflonna and DeQuónnel, both students at a prestigious HBCU, were having a discussion on race after White Racismiology class.

Both agreed that no matter how many black “best friends” a White person has, they are still racist and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

However, Tayflonna was saying everything within a 100 mile radius of a person of color can be called racist excluding other people of color.

But DeQuónnel was adamant that through his research, he’s proven everything can be racist no matter how far away it is from a person of color. Even if something doesn’t really exist, it too can be racist. Using Star Trek as an example, he boldly claimed Captains Kirk and Picard, were both racist as fuck. He even went as far as saying that bi-pocs can also be called racist if that will get them what they want without actually working for it.

But things turned violent when Kwamai, who had just seconds ago seen a noose in a dormitory hallway (later proven to have only been a bar of soap. And in a bathroom, not a hallway) and was understandably infuriated.

Coming across the two students discussing racism, Kwamai began to pummel them both mercilessly in a blind rage.

Shitasia, a Militant Blackism professor and author of the book Black Victimization; Your Ticket to Financial Success, was also knocked the fuck out when she attempted to intervene.

After this incident, a nearby actual, real university canceled all classes and gave White students lessons on recognizing racism, anti-racism, privilege, and being allies because this is somehow their fault.
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