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Man Arrested After Assaulting Asian Woman


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3738   7 days ago
Rt7839209483209 | 8 subscribers
3738   7 days ago
A man has been arrested after violently assaulting an Asian woman in a video that has gone viral; highlighting a series of increasing racially biased attacks against Asian Americans due to the lingering stigma of presumably having the Coronavirus that has ravaged across America and the world for a year and several months.

Attacks against Asian Americans are steadily increasing; especially in San Francisco and Oakland, CA and NYC with several European countries as well.
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US Level 2
The only reason this is news is because he is White. Would it go "viral" if it was a Black guy?
fknstr LR User
WTF? 100's of attacks and they could only find video of a white guy?
IE LR User
Devious black bastards are going about in "whiteface", to try and throw us off the scent...
Bob_Gantry LR User
What a faggot! Probably goes to antifa parties to suck dick.
BobWhiteAtNight LR User
When the covid started to get here in the US I felt kinda bad at first for the chinks.  I drove by the chinks restaurant near me and there were no cars so I ordered a shit ton of chinese food, like 3 days worth.  I figured it's not their fault and they came here to get away from that fucking shithole country.  The guy who brought the chinese food (he was chinese) was so happy to deliver it and I gave him a good tip.  Then we started hearing stories that maybe a lot of chinks here were spies.  So the bottom line is I like chinese food but I'm not sure which of the bastards we can trust.  Plus they boil dogs which also means I probably ate a lot of fucking cat during those three days as I think those stories we heard as kids are probably true.  Fucking bastards.  I wish I had an eggroll and some chink BBQ ribs though right now.  Mixed feelings I guess is the bottom line.
Illusive_0ne LR User
That's Main St Flushing NY. It's full of Chinese and Koreans in that area and they are rude and gross. They spit constantly on the side walks, walk into you and get up in your space. Also that's where you catch the 7 train to go to Manhattan so it's a main hub as well. So this guy is probably a daily commuter and just got frustrated and vented on this ching chong.
US LR User
Congratulations.  We found the one out of 10,000 attacks on asians that isn't a dindu.  Guess what video will played on a constant loop blaming "white supremacy" and other bullshit completely ignoring THE FACT that dindus constantly attack asians in democrat shit holes.
GB LR User
She deserved it... what did she do?
US Level 3
Fakestream media will continue to ignore racist attacks perpetuated by their nigger pets, because "only white people can be racist"...
allanv LR User
I like his style
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