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Mailman caught on home surveillance video making a snow angel in woman's yard


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3996   6 days ago
ThisIsButter | 256 subscribers
3996   6 days ago
What does your mailman do when there's a fresh coat of snow in covering your yard? One answer was captured on a Louisville woman's newly installed surveillance cam: make a snow angel.

"Y'all look what I caught my mailman doing," Kechelle Wilson said in a Facebook post.

Wilson said she recently installed a camera at her front door and saw an alert pop up on Thursday, Feb. 18.

The video shows the mailman walking away from her house, throwing his bag to the side and cartwheeling into snow. He does snow angels for a few seconds before grabbing his bag and returning to his mail truck.

"I clicked the video and it was well worth watching," Wilson said. "My family and I laughed soo hard!"

Wilson said she second-guessed herself before posting. After thinking about it she said she knew it might brighten others day. She told her mailman about the post Friday morning.

"I told him his video may go viral and that everyone on Facebook loves him," Wilson said.

Wilson said he told her he had his drone recording, but it missed his snow dive, so he was happy the doorbell cam caught it.

"I tagged him in the post and we added each other as Facebook friends," Wilson said.

Hopefully, Wilson's mission to brighten others day is accomplished. We shouldn't take ourselves too seriously and share a smile every chance we get.
Tags: mailman, snow, angle
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Zeaux Level 2
Was this vid ripped directly from NewsFlare bullshit on LiveLeak??
Johns975 LR User
US Level 2
Nice flip! Mailman was the most relaxing job I ever had. Get paid to exercise and listen to music. Eat whatever you want because you burn tons of calories a day. But then they wanted me to shift to Camden.......
TheyStink Level 2
Must be a nigger.  They are always laying down on the job.
US Level 1
Is this a white guy? Federal govnt positions with its all out racial and gender hiring standards have practically eliminated the white man from these positions. A grown nigger making snow angels, in St. Loius?!?! That'd be fucking racist if a white guy did this. He was happy that the security camera caught him doing thus because the drone he had deployed didn't catch him doing this stunt. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! So THIS is why the postal service is asking for postal increases for snail mail! Nothing makes sense anymore.
FlintVander LR User
On angel dust
TheStorm LR User
Now I know why my mail has been so late.
Disappointed LR User
Who gives a shit?
If he had done a rendition of the last supper in that snow bank, I still would not care.
US LR User
How cute... but we would of like to see him break his neck or something lol
JoeyIroc LR User
Better than being a porch monkey and stealing. I'm OK with this. Just not too often.
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