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Propaganda MSM have to admit vaccines aren't working


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2564   1 month ago
DesertFox | 31 subscribers
2564   1 month ago
This is a halft truth acknowledgement though, still they admitted their clotshot is NOT working!

The Delta variant strain was mutated due to the original virus encountering vaccinated people, it originates from them! These vaccinated fuckheads can then be a potential spreader and infect others, this is called shedding for the incubation period of 14 days while they overwhelmingly are symptom-less. In the group of vaccinated there is also likely to be a minority of them (less then a percent) who could be categorized as 'super-spreaders' whom continue to shed viral proteins for months, years if not indefinitely.

An unvaccinated person can thus come in contact with the Delta variant from a vaccinated person and get infected, still 64% will have no symptoms, however had we done nothing we would have already attained full population natural immunity to the original virus and likely eradicated it.

This was likely the intended goal, to make it endemic and to help it adapt. The vaccine prototype (as fauci calls it) was likely meant to be deadlier to none-vaxxed but had the reverse effect. It became deadly to vaccinated, and the unvaccinated relied on their natural immunity. Hence why delta variant hospitalizations are 93% vaccinated. Same with the original virus, majority of the hospitalizations are people with comorbidities and it this point the majority of them are vaccinated. In Whales England there were 2500~ vaccinated hospitalizations for covid symptoms while less then 400~ were unvaccinated, however they refused to disclose comorbidities and age of patients.

I am entirely unvaxxed and will not be getting the vaccine or clotshot whatsoever. Back in early march of 2020 i had some flue symptoms (stuffy sinuses, runny nose) and just regarded it as a common cold. Haven't been sick since, don't wear a mask even when my gov is currently mandating it, the supermarket doesn't say shit about it. Fuck em.
Tags: coronavirus
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