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Man walks down street firing shots in Australia


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LRFTW | 137 subscribers
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Man walks down street firing shots in Australia.

A man has been arrested on the NSW South Coast during a dramatic police operation after he allegedly paced the streets armed with what appeared to be a rifle.

Officers were told a man armed with two guns had fired a number of shots at passing vehicles and pedestrians as he moved through the streets of Windang, a suburb in Wollongong, on Sunday morning.

He then barricaded himself inside a dive shop.

In a video posted to Facebook, a man dressed in black combat gear and a face mask could be seen holding a one-metre long weapon as he calmly crossed the road.

The man was seen near shops before what sounded like a gunshot is heard.

NSW Police said a police operation had been launched following reports of shots fired.

The owner of the dive store was held hostage inside the shop for a period of time before he was released.

“There were negotiations with the male whilst he was in that shop and he has subsequently surrendered,” NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon said.

The 40-year-old man is in custody and no injuries have been reported.

A witness who was driving as the incident unfolded said she heard a loud bang and initially thought it was the sound was a car back-firing.

As she continued driving, she says she saw an armed man dressed in a bullet-proof vest, a balaclava and a black cap.

“There was an old man coming out of the corner store. He aimed and shot a him but didn’t hit him,” she told the Illawarra Mercury.

“He was still shooting randomly. Just shooting.”

A crime scene was established at the dive shop and at a home in Windang, which will be examined by forensics and bomb disposal officers.

“There is no ongoing threat to the community,” NSW Police said.

Local road closures are set to remain in place for hours.

thanks @ User/poopbunny for the news information
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