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Couple eating get their luxury watches robbed in 15-second raid


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4195   1 month ago
VagabundoR1 | 89 subscribers
4195   1 month ago
CCTV captures the moment armed robbers nonchalantly walked into a restaurant in California and stole a woman's watch at gunpoint.
The shocking footage is from a Hot Wings Café on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and shows a young couple tucking into a meal at a small table when a pair of masked men descend on them.
One of the men struts up to the table brandishing a pistol, while the other circles behind the couple and leans over the male victim's shoulder, appearing to whisper something in his ear.
He promptly takes off his watch and hands it over to the armed man, before his female companion follows suit.
The robbery lasted all of 10 seconds and was conducted with total calm, as though the group were sharing a simple conversation in a crowded restaurant.
The incident, which took place on October 16 according to the LAPD, came to light in the wake of last week's Black Friday lootings, in which businesses and individuals across the state were robbed.
The restaurant owner's son said the bandits were 'in and out within 15 seconds.'
Meanwhile, cities across the state of California faced as torrent of violent robberies during the week of Black Friday despite California Gov. Gavin Newsom's vow to crack down on organized 'smash and grabs' plaguing the state.
Roaming packs of cockroaches, er, thieves ransacked several luxury retailers in Los Angeles' Beverly Grove shopping district on Black Friday in which passers-by were pepper sprayed by the robbers according to LAPD, before they descending on a Home Depot where they stole sledgehammers and wrenches before driving away.
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