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Body cam video shows police questioning producer following Rittenhouse jury bus


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1743   1 month ago
ThisIsButter | 474 subscribers
1743   1 month ago
Body camera video has been released that shows Kenosha police stopping and questioning an NBC producer during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Jurors in the Rittenhouse trial had just wrapped their second full day of deliberations. They left the courthouse in an unmarked van that police said was being followed.

According to a police report obtained by WISN 12 News, the producer ran a red light while trying to follow the jury bus.

"Were you following a vehicle?" the officer asked the producer.

"I was trying to see. I was being called by New York going 'Maybe there's people you need to follow — but I don't know,'" the producer told the officer. "It's discreet. I wasn't trying to talk to anybody. Just trying to find a location. That's all."

After stopping the man, officers asked to speak to his boss.

"This is Officer Jones, Kenosha police. We're trying to figure out why you have a reporter or producer following vehicles out here," the officer said.

"By no means were we trying to get in contact with any of the jury members now or who's in the car. We just were trying to see where key players in the trial may be at," said the person the officer called.

"This is huge. We can't afford anything crazy happening, putting people in dangerous positions. This individual violated some traffic laws doing this, so we're gonna ask you guys to refrain from doing that," the officer said.

Police cited the driver for a red light violation.

After learning of the incident, Judge Bruce Schroeder called what happened a serious matter and banned MSNBC from the courthouse for the remainder of the trial.

NBC News officials called the producer a freelancer and said he "never photographed or intended to photograph them," and said they regretted the incident.

Jurors ultimately found Rittenhouse not guilty in the deaths of two men that occurred during the unrest after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
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