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Cooking with LHP: Salsa and A Story


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22707   1 month ago
LaceyH8SPeople | 357 subscribers
22707   1 month ago
EZ Salsa Recipe AND Stories about Mexico and hookers. Join me as we go back in Time to 2012-2013 a gentler time when hookers were doin cocaine in bathrooms in Mexico and stray dogs would wander the dirt roads of BoysTown. It was a magical time a time when People lived in South Laredo and your neighbor was a guy who junkies would seek out because he was good at finding veins. Fuck that’s dirty. Life is dirty when your on the front lines of a drug war. I seen some things man. Your mom did too.
(Edit: i was doin the math wrong the year was more like 2012-2013-sorry for being a woman and lying we’d never do that)
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