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Tampa officer shoots injures man who pointed gun


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3938   10 months ago
ThisIsButter | 447 subscribers
3938   10 months ago
Detectives in Tampa are investigating an officer-involved shooting in South Tampa after, they said, an officer was forced to shoot an armed man.

On Monday night, police received a report that an unidentified man was banging on the doors of those living at Bowery Bayside Apartments on Westshore Boulevard and "yelling in incoherently."

Police said they also were told that he was holding "something behind his back."

The complainant looked at her Ring surveillance video and saw the man was holding a gun, and call 911 again to provide the information, officials said.

Around 10:19 p.m., officers arrived at the apartment complex and reviewed the security video. They said one of the officers recognized the man as 36-year-old Jeremy D. Liwag based on previous encounters.

Officers said they went to his apartment. Around 11:37 p.m., while they were speaking to Liwag, they said he raised his gun toward them. One of the officers shot him.

The police department said officers provided first aid. Liwag was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The officer is a 36-year-old man who has been with the Tampa Police Department for six years. He was placed on administrative leave, which is a standard procedure for officer-involved shootings.

As of Tuesday morning, Liwag remained hospitalized. Police said charges are pending.
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US LR User
Glock vs Glock
Denali6 LR User
Well done officer!
US Level 1
@chingchong you gotta keep your crazy uncle in the attic where he belongs.
Iridektm LR User
CreepyJoeBiden LR User
good job!
Hughjanus Level 1 Supporter
Thank you for the prison sentence and the medical bill officer.
LangHoa84 LR User
You have to be a complete idiot to be killed by law enforcement. Unless you’re a dindoo from Wakanda
gilgrissom_csi Level 1
Due to extended hospital stay, he won't make next months rent.


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