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Ski accident results in 2 broken arms and a leg.


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1824   1 day ago
Leviathan | 119 subscribers
1824   1 day ago
[ Video ]
Oh, Ilya, Ilya...

Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana. Below is the author's description of the situation.

"Young skier Ilya skated in freeride away from the ski resort, of course, without the "avalanche", on slalom rental skis. On the slalom, Karl, in a puffy jacket! Thank God, he put on a helmet (which saved his life)!!! As I understand it, he was riding with a group of friends / acquaintances and he was warned about this pit, moreover, the video shows a skier standing in front of the pit and showing him the direction to go with a stick! But dementia and courage suggested that you need to go to the right at high speed and dive into the "hole" from a height of 7-8m. The result: a fracture of two arms (one open fracture) and a fracture of the leg. Got off easy!

I want to thank the rescuers of the resort separately!
After all, they are NOT REQUIRED to go on a call outside of the ski areas, especially away from the resort!".


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