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Denmark: Intelligence services threatens the Danish media with legal Action and Tries to silence


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822   6 days ago
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822   6 days ago
Danish intelligence warns media chiefs: 'Trying to censor and silcence'

The Danish intelligence services is trying to silence investigative journalism. This is now the view of the trade association Dansk Media after several media executives were warned not to publish information about the intelligence services.

"It's hard not to perceive it as anything other than a threat," says Mads Brandstrup, CEO of the trade association of the Danish Medias.

In the past year, Danish media have exposed several scandals surrounding the country's military intelligence service, FE. This summer, Among other things, Swedish Television, together with Denmark's Radio, was able to reveal that the US NSA spied Swedish and several other countries' leading politicians using Danish Military Intelligence (FE) via Danish fiber cables.

On Monday, dramatic new data emerged. The chief of the DANISH Defense Intelligence Service, Lars Findsen, has been secretly detained for a month on suspicion of leaking classified information to the media.

In mid-December, police and defense intelligence agencies PET and FE held meetings with several heads of media houses where they said they risk up to 12 years in prison if they publish particularly secret information.

"Such a request is difficult not to perceive as anything other than a threat," said Mads Brandstrup, whose organization also sent a request to the Danish government about the action being sanctioned.

In addition to the meeting with the media executives, several investigative reporters, including from Swedish National TV's partner Denmark's Radio, have been called to a police interview to be questioned about what sources they had. All the managers of the media houses surveyed have communicated that they will not say anything at all about sources.

"What we are most nervous and worried about is that this is a sloping plane. We have seen it in Finland, for example, where the police have investigated journalists' private addresses after a shop there similar to the Danish one," says Mads Brandstrup.

Denmark: Intelligence services warn media against publishing classified information

Source: Swedish national News Agency
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